Fortnite Lego Collab: Release date and everything we know so far

Fortnite Lego Collab: Release date and everything we know so far

The Big Bang is almost here

The highly anticipated end of Chapter 4 and the beginning of Chapter 5 in Fortnite is just around the corner. But this event is not just about the game; it also marks the start of a new collaboration that has gamers buzzing with excitement. Get ready for the Fortnite Lego Collab!

A hint from the Lego Loot Llama

While there haven't been any official announcements about the collaboration, there have been some intriguing hints. On November 21, 2023, the official Lego Twitter account posted an image of a Lego version of Fortnite's iconic Loot Llama. This was followed by an announcement on November 28, 2023, that players can now link their Lego account to their Epic Games account, which is used to log in to Fortnite.

Teasers and speculation

Although details are scarce, there have been plenty of teasers and tweets that suggest a collaboration between Lego and Fortnite is in the works. In response to the announcement about linking accounts, fans shared pictures of their own Lego Loot Llama creations. Lego's response, "Board the bus now, find out later," further fueled speculation. A URL included in the tweet also hinted at the collaboration, using the double-l from llama.

What can we expect from the collaboration?

While it's unclear whether the collaboration will involve just Fortnite-themed Lego sets or if there will also be Lego-themed outfits in the game, it's safe to say that something exciting is on the horizon. Fans are eagerly awaiting more information about this unique partnership.

When will the collab begin?

Based on the dates mentioned, it's likely that the Fortnite Lego collaboration will kick off after the start of Chapter 5. The downtime for the new chapter is scheduled to begin at 4:30am UK time on December 3, and it will last for several hours. This suggests that the collaboration will launch on December 3 or in the days following. Keep an eye out for more updates!

Want to know more?

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