Fortnite Fans Excited for Lady Gaga Event in the Game

Fortnite Fans Excited for Lady Gaga Event in the Game

Lady Gaga Takes the Stage in Fortnite Festival

Lady Gaga recently announced her collaboration with Fortnite, where she will be featured in the Rock Band mode known as Fortnite Festival. Fans are eagerly anticipating this special event.

What to Expect

Eight Lady Gaga songs will be added to the Jam Tracklist in the game, allowing players to perform her discography with friends. The event kicks off on Thursday, February 22, 2024, and will run until April 22, 2024.

Free Songs and Premium Pass

During the event, players can enjoy six free songs, including hits like "Born This Way" and "Rain On Me." Additionally, a premium Festival Pass offers four more tracks, including "Poker Face," along with the Enigmatic skin inspired by Lady Gaga's Chromatica ensemble.

Lady Gaga-Themed Items

Players can also purchase Lady Gaga-themed items from the in-game shop, such as the Chromatica Armor outfit and the Rain Check emote. The store will also feature the Lady Gaga icon set, complete with various Gaga-inspired items.

Don't Miss Out

If you're a Fortnite fan or a Lady Gaga enthusiast, this event is not to be missed. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Fortnite Festival and experience the magic of Lady Gaga's music in a whole new way.