Fortnite Avatar Elements Pass: Quests and Rewards Unveiled

Fortnite Avatar Elements Pass: Quests and Rewards Unveiled

Avatar Crossover Event Overview

Fortnite's much-anticipated Avatar: Elements crossover event has finally arrived in the game, promising exciting quests and rewards for players.

Elements Pass Details

The event introduces a special Elements mini battle pass with rewards in two tracks: Free and Premium. The coveted Avatar State Aang skin stands as the top reward on the Premium track, requiring 11,000 Chi to unlock.

Quests and Rewards Breakdown

Players can earn Chi and Chakras by completing quests and mastering the elements, which can then be used to unlock various rewards on the dual-track pass. Completing all six Chakras unlocks the exclusive Appa Glider, inspired by the flying bison from the show.

Current Quests and Rewards

The initial batch of six quests offers opportunities to earn 350 Chi each, with the chance to unlock the Water Chakra by completing at least four quests. From visiting Elemental Shrines to dealing damage with waterbending, players have a plethora of tasks to tackle.

Fortnite Avatar Elements Pass: Quests and Rewards Unveiled

Unlocking the Aang Skin

By purchasing the Premium Reward Track for 1,000 V-Bucks, players can immediately unlock the iconic Aang skin. The Avatar Elements Pass features rewards on both the Free and Premium tracks, with each offering unique items and emotes for players to collect.

Deadline and Availability

Players have until May 3, 2024, to complete quests and earn rewards before the Elements Pass expires. Additionally, popular Avatar skins like Zuko, Katara, and Toph Beifong are available for purchase in Fortnite's item shop, allowing fans to further immerse themselves in the Avatar universe.