Don't Miss Out: Your Guide to Summer Game Fest 2024

Don't Miss Out: Your Guide to Summer Game Fest 2024

What to Expect

The Summer Game Fest is just around the corner, and it's one of the best weeks of the year for gamers, packed with announcements and world premieres for upcoming games. We've got all the details about the showcases that will take place during the event, with start times, where to watch, and what to expect.

Summer Game Fest 2024 Schedule

Here's the full schedule of the Summer Game Fest 2024 livestreams with the exact start times. Get ready for a plethora of gaming goodness!

  • Summer Game Fest 2024 – June 7, 10pm UK Time / 2pm PT
  • Day of the Devs – June 8, 12am UK Time / June 7, 4pm PT
  • Devolver Direct – June 8, 1am UK Time/ June 7, 5pm PT
  • Future of Play Direct – June 8, 4pm UK Time / 8am PT
  • Wholesome Direct – June 8, 5pm UK Time / 9am PT
  • Latin American Games Showcase – June 8, 6pm UK Time / 10am PT
  • SGF Women-Led Games – June 8, 7:30pm UK Time / 11:30am PT
  • Future Games Show – June 8, 8pm UK Time / 12pm PT
  • Xbox Games Showcase – June 9, 6pm UK Time / 10am PT
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Direct – right after the Xbox showcase
  • PC Gaming Show – June 9, 9pm UK Time / 1pm PT
  • Ubisoft Forward – June 10, 8pm UK Time / 12:00pm PT

Highlights of the Showcases

Day of the Devs will focus on indie game reveals, while Devolver Direct offers exclusive looks at Devolver's next games. Family-friendly games take the spotlight at the Future of Play Direct, followed by cosy and optimistic games at the Wholesome Direct.

The Latin American Games Showcase will feature over 70 upcoming titles from Latin American developers, and SGF Women-Led Games will highlight titles produced at game studios led by women.

Future Games Show is a general showcase of PC and console games, while Xbox Games Showcase will reveal upcoming titles from Microsoft's game studios, followed by a special look at Call of Duty: Black Ops 6.

Don't miss the PC Gaming Show for games coming to PC and the Ubisoft Forward showcase for exclusive looks at upcoming titles like Star Wars Outlaws, Assassin’s Creed Shadows, and XDefiant.

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