Apple Arcade to Add Award-Winning Game for Free

Apple Arcade to Add Award-Winning Game for Free

Subscription Services in the Gaming World

Just like the rise of movie and TV subscriptions after Netflix, gaming subscription services have become popular. Xbox, PS Plus, and Nintendo Switch Online have been leading the way. While EA Play and Ubisoft+ are not as popular, mobile-focused services are gaining traction.

Apple Arcade: The Rising Star

Apple Arcade, priced at £6.99/$6.99 a month, offers an ad-free library of games across various Apple devices. It is becoming one of the most popular subscription services, including mobile games as part of its offering.

New Games Coming in August

Apple Arcade is set to add three new games in August, including the award-winning Vampire Survivors, which won Best Game at the 2023 Bafta Games Awards. The game boasts an impressive 95 rating on Metacritic and will include paid DLC packs on Apple Arcade.

Additionally, Temple Run: Legends, an updated version of the popular endless runner, and the exclusive Castle Crumble will also join Apple Arcade in August.