India's Growing Affinity for Blockchain: A Conversation with Ankur Rakhi Sinha

India's Growing Affinity for Blockchain: A Conversation with Ankur Rakhi Sinha
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The Indian Government's Change of Heart

Blockchain technology, popularized by Bitcoin, is finding its way into various processes worldwide. While government agencies have been cautious about its adoption due to its association with cryptocurrency, emerging economies like India see blockchain as an opportunity to establish a trust-based system for society.

India's Rapid Blockchain Adoption

India has accepted blockchain technology and has implemented numerous initiatives that use blockchain at their core. With a massive developer base of 10 million, India is one of the fastest-growing blockchain markets globally, with over 56% of Indian businesses showing interest in adopting blockchain technology.

No Talks of Crypto Adoption Yet

While India has embraced blockchain, there are currently no talks of fully adopting cryptocurrencies. However, government agencies are actively exploring various avenues and seeking improved regulations to create a conducive environment for crypto adoption.

Real-Life Improvements from Blockchain

Blockchain adoption is already revolutionizing traditional approaches in India. Initiatives like the New Town Kolkata Development Authority's adoption of NFTs for land mutation demonstrate the growing recognition and commitment to harnessing the potential of blockchain in various sectors.

India's Growing Affinity for Blockchain: A Conversation with Ankur Rakhi Sinha
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Government Initiatives Driving Blockchain Adoption

India is betting big on blockchain, with various government agencies and bodies seeking to collaborate with blockchain solutions. Although there hasn't been a high-level blockchain initiative from the government of India so far, government entities are actively working with Airchains to incorporate blockchain-based systems.

Indian Official's Understanding of Blockchain

Indian government agencies and officials possess a profound understanding of blockchain and associated technologies. They are well-versed in the latest developments and trends, actively exploring ways to leverage blockchain to address unique challenges.

Blockchain's Role in India's Future Growth

Blockchain technology is expected to play a significant role in India's future growth. The increasing number of developers, enterprises, and institutional use cases in India highlights the country's growth potential. Global Web3 players entering the Indian market further contribute to India's growth in the blockchain sector.

Nationwide Blockchain Implementations in the Pipeline

Discussions regarding nationwide blockchain implementations are taking place in India. Organizations like the National Payments Corporation of India and public sector banks are actively exploring blockchain technology and conducting tests. State-level use cases, like the one executed by Airchains and the New Town Kolkata Development Authority, have the potential to impact the entire nation.

India's Growing Affinity for Blockchain: A Conversation with Ankur Rakhi Sinha
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Convincing Government Bodies to Accept Blockchain

Demonstrating transparency, efficiency, and improved outcomes is key to gaining government support in the adoption of blockchain solutions. Operating within regulatory frameworks and addressing specific challenges are vital in convincing government bodies to accept blockchain technology.

Measures to Expedite Blockchain Adoption

To expedite blockchain adoption, clear regulations and guidelines need to be implemented. Defining permissible use cases and facilitating faster execution will drive broader adoption of blockchain technology.

Using Home-Grown Blockchain Technology Offshore

Projects originating from India, such as Polygon, have gained global recognition. Home-grown blockchain technology is being utilized in offshore use cases, with Airchains collaborating successfully with government agencies globally.

Investor Expectations and Funding in Blockchain

Investors in the blockchain space seek scalability and feasibility in blockchain adoption, among other factors. Funding involves believers in the potential of blockchain technology to bring about transformative changes.

Advice for Blockchain Entrepreneurs in India

Entrepreneurs should focus on building a wide range of use cases and driving blockchain adoption to a higher scale. By creating innovative solutions and demonstrating the real-world benefits of blockchain technology, entrepreneurs can accelerate its adoption and drive positive change in various industries.

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