Why haven’t I got my stimulus check yet?

THREE stimulus check rounds have been sent out to eligible Americans but some have not received payments.Each round was worth $1,200, $600 and $1,400...

THREE stimulus check rounds have been sent out to eligible Americans but some have not received payments.
Each round was worth $1,200, $600 and $1,400.

Why haven’t I got my stimulus check yet?
Americans received stimulus checks during the Covid-19 pandemic

As of December December 2021, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) had issued more than 175million third-round stimulus checks.

Here are the details of the payment rounds and what you should do if you are owed lost cash.

What do I do if I am missing a stimulus check?

If you are eligible for payments and you think you are missing money, the IRS encourages you to contact the agency.

Americans can check the status of their stimulus check on the Get My Payment app.

For questions regarding your stimulus status, the IRS asks you to contact -800-919-9835 – but filling out the Rebate Recovery Credit form with your taxes should still be a priority.

The IRS reveals the quickest way to receive money is to request direct deposit instead of a mailed paper check. 

The deadline to file penalty-free was April 18 – but you could have gotten an extra six months if you filed for an extension.

Experts say it is better to file something or to file for an extension than to miss the filing deadline.

Why haven’t I got my stimulus check yet?
Americans have received stimulus checks from the Treasury Department

What is the reason I did not receive a stimulus check?

There are a few possible reasons you did not receive a payment.

  • Income changes

The income requirements for the third round of checks has changed and your earnings could push you above the threshold for a check.

Checks were sent to individuals with an AGI below $75,000, rising to $150,000 for married couples filing jointly and $112,500 for heads of household.

  • Tax returns

Those who haven’t filed their tax returns for 2020 will have their 2019 forms used to determine how much they receive.

If you changed bank account in the past year and haven’t updated your tax files then the money could be sent to the wrong place.

  • Tax glitches

Americans are struggling to receive stimulus checks because of money sent to the wrong accounts.

  • Debt collector

Your money could have been picked up by a debt collector such as if you owe money on loans or credit cards.

  • Your check is coming by mail

The IRS has prioritized sending checks to those whose direct deposit details it has on file.

How many are owed a stimulus check

A recent report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration shows that 10million people are still waiting on their stimulus payments.
While most received them in form of a paper check and direct deposit, others selected to get them in a debit card.

But many mistook those cards as junk mail and regrettably threw them out.
The report by TIGTA said that manually verifying the stimulus claims and debit card policies has delayed the payments for many people.

If you missed out on your payments, you can go to GetYourRefund.org to claim the funds.

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