Women Speak Out: Denied Cancer Drug by NHS

Women Speak Out: Denied Cancer Drug by NHS

'Our lives will be shorter because NHS denied cancer drug - it could be you next,' say brave campaigning women

Three women with incurable breast cancer express that their lives would have been longer if the NHS had approved a breast cancer drug. They call on people to support a petition by Breast Cancer Now, warning that this decision could impact anyone's life.

The drug in question, Enhertu, is the first targeted treatment for HER2-low breast cancer patients with metastatic cancer. Despite being available in Scotland, it was deemed too costly by the NHS for patients in England, affecting around 1,000 women annually.

The rejection of Enhertu by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) has left many, including women like Kathryn Hulland, devastated and questioning the value placed on their lives.

'I don't want to envisage not being with my daughter'

Kathryn, diagnosed with HER2-low secondary breast cancer, emphasizes the importance of new treatment options for patients like her, providing hope for more time with loved ones.

Women Speak Out: Denied Cancer Drug by NHS

'It's difficult to put into words'

Tracy Pratt, another patient, shares her shock and disappointment at the decision, highlighting the impact of access to Enhertu on her quality of life and hope for the future.

'I never thought this would be me'

Alison Jones, a breast cancer patient, urges support for the petition, stressing that this decision could affect anyone unexpectedly. She underscores the potential of Enhertu to extend her time with family and the importance of fighting for access to life-extending treatments.

Breast cancer is a prevalent disease in the UK, with many facing the reality of incurable secondary breast cancer. Treatments like Enhertu aim to extend lives and offer hope for those battling the disease.