New £4 Spit Test Can Detect Breast Cancer in Just 5 Seconds, Study Finds

New £4 Spit Test Can Detect Breast Cancer in Just 5 Seconds, Study Finds

Revolutionary Spit Test

A groundbreaking study has unveiled a brand-new spit test that can reportedly detect breast cancer in just five seconds. The test, costing less than £4, uses a single drop of saliva to detect common cancer biomarkers like genes and proteins.

Quick, Cheap, and Effective

The portable saliva testing kit, developed by researchers in Florida and Taiwan, offers a low-cost alternative to traditional methods like mammograms and ultrasounds. The palm-sized device uses sensors similar to those found in glucose tests for diabetics, making it easy to use and highly efficient.

Benefits Over Current Methods

Unlike invasive procedures like mammograms and ultrasounds, the spit test delivers results in just five seconds. It eliminates the need for long appointment wait times and offers a more convenient and comfortable screening experience for women.

How It Works

The test involves placing a drop of saliva on a test strip, which is then subjected to electrical pulses on the device. The pulses interact with antibodies and alter the charge of the electrode, generating a digital signal that indicates the presence of breast cancer biomarkers. The test has shown promising results in identifying breast cancer patients and distinguishing between different stages of the disease.

New £4 Spit Test Can Detect Breast Cancer in Just 5 Seconds, Study Finds

Potential for Global Impact

The simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and portability of the spit test make it a transformative tool in the early detection of breast cancer. The researchers believe that this innovation has the potential to revolutionize public health practices and benefit people worldwide, especially in developing countries where advanced technologies are not readily available.

Regulatory and Availability Challenges

While the spit test shows great promise, it still needs to undergo regulatory clearance from organizations like the FDA, MHRA, and NICE before it can be made available to patients. The process may take several years, but the potential benefits make it a highly anticipated development in the fight against breast cancer.


The new spit test offers a quick, affordable, and non-invasive method for detecting breast cancer. With its potential to revolutionize breast cancer screening, this innovative solution brings hope for earlier detection and improved outcomes for patients around the world.

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