Mum pays moving tribute to daughter on World Cancer Day

Mum pays moving tribute to daughter on World Cancer Day

The mum of Dame Deborah James honors her daughter's legacy

On World Cancer Day, Heather James, the mother of Dame Deborah James, took to Instagram to pay a heartfelt tribute to her daughter. Deborah, who battled with bowel cancer, sadly passed away in June 2022. Heather shared a post from Deborah's Bowelbabe Fund, expressing that her daughter's legacy continues through the fund. She added, "Deborah, you will never be forgotten, and through the Bowelbabe fund, your legacy continues. Love and miss you forever."

A courageous battle against bowel cancer

Deborah James, also known as BowelBabe, chronicled her five-year fight against incurable bowel cancer. At the age of 35, just days before Christmas in 2016, she received the devastating diagnosis. Despite being given a bleak prognosis with only an eight percent chance of living five years, Deborah defied the odds and lived six months past her 41st birthday. Throughout her journey, she shared her experiences with readers as a columnist for The Sun and gained a dedicated following on social media.

An advocate for awareness and breaking down taboos

Deborah used her platform to change the conversation surrounding bowel cancer. She raised crucial awareness and tackled taboos associated with the disease. Her unwavering determination to fight cancer led her to write a book called "F*** Cancer" and to collaborate on the award-winning BBC podcast "You, Me and the Big C." Deborah's mission was to help others avoid her fate and to encourage people to cherish life's precious moments.

A heartbreaking farewell

In May 2022, Deborah shared the news that her treatment was no longer effective, and she had returned to her parents' home to spend her final days. In a poignant message on Instagram, she expressed, "My body just can't continue... We have tried everything, but my body simply isn't playing ball." Deborah's focus shifted to palliative care, surrounded by her loving family, and making the most of the time she had left.

Mum pays moving tribute to daughter on World Cancer Day

Recognized with a Damehood

In the last weeks of her life, Deborah received a Damehood in recognition of her remarkable contributions. Prince William visited her at her family home to present her with this honor, acknowledging her bravery and advocacy.

Deborah James leaves behind a lasting legacy as an inspiring figure in the fight against cancer. Her determination to raise awareness and support others will continue to be felt for years to come.